- is, as stated, a complicated matter. It concerns

The way sound travels in
  • air
  • rooms (from wall to wall, around corners etc)
  • instruments (both transversial and longitudinell waves)
  • your ear
  • your head (or should I say in your mind) - psycoacoustics
  • digital form and environments
And how to
  • meassure sound and levels
  • control radiation and reflection
  • use the knowledge of these aspects to our benfit

to name some aspects.

In this article I will focus on the musical side of it.

Your ears:

Let's start by testing your ears frequency sencivity. Which frequencies are you able to hear, and at which level do you hear the frequencies that are able to sense? Read the instructions below the grafic area before you execute the soundplots:

Click the link:   Test your hearing!     - But be carefull, and start at low levels!